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Bridal and debutante gowns

We invite all members interested in having their very special gown cleaned to contact us. Our experienced staff can speak with you over the phone and offer you the best advice about caring for your gown. 

Alternatively you can send your gown into us. Upon receiving your gown our experienced staff will conduct a thorough inspection. They will then contact you to discuss the cleaning process, time frames, and to confirm the quote. Once we have received your approval the cleaning process will commence (note: If you elect not to proceed we simply return your gown).

As professional garment carers we advise that your gown is professionally cleaned at the earliest possible opportunity, thereby ensuring that any stains and/or impurities do not oxidise and become permanent.

We are able to process the gowns in either "PERC" and/or "WHITE SPIRITS". We choose the appropriate procedure depending on the style of the gown, the fabric, the type of accessories used in its manufacture and importantly the degree of soiling.

Most gowns take approximately 2 to 3 weeks to be cleaned, and more elaborate gowns can take up to 5 weeks.

A popular part of our service is the boxing of gowns for ease of storage and preservation. The gown is packaged in acid free tissue paper inside the box. The gown box will protect and preserve your cleaned gown from light, dust mites and insects, moisture, strain and crushing, plastic, and coloured tissue.

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