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How to join the ibag generation

ibag now offers two types of service:

ibag Service Centres

  • Visit one of our conveniently located Service Centres. Our friendly staff will provide you with your own ibag and you can immediately start enjoying the benefits of an ibag member.

Pickup and delivery service

New clients
To introduce this service to your building please call 1300 132 320 and ask to speak to our Business Development Manager (BDM). Alternatively, please complete this expression of interest form, which will be forwarded directly to our BDM.  

Existing clients

  1. Go to your designated collection point (ibag drop-off location)
    Call us on 1300 132 320 if you cannot locate your collection point or have any other queries about the service.
  2. Take a new ibag and place your garments inside
    There is an $10.00 charge for your ibag the first time you use the service.
    Note: We offer a guaranteed buy back for the first 3 months.
  3. Complete the 'New Member Details' form
    Located in the front pocket of your ibag.
    Tear off your Membership card at the bottom of the form and keep it in your wallet or purse. Your Membership card contains your unique ibag number which matches the number on your ibag. You can quote your ibag number whenever you have a query.
  4. Complete the 'Notes for drycleaner' form 
    Also located in the front pocket of your garment bag.
    Note any stains or special instructions, repairs or alterations, etc. 
  5. Leave your ibag at your designated collection point
    before 9:30am any Mon, Wed or Fri
  6. Smaller clients
    If you are using the service from one of our smaller clients you may be required to book a collection before 9:30am.
  7. Your garments are collected, cleaned and returned to your collection point
    The service operates on a Monday, Wednesday & Friday (excluding public holidays).
    Your cleaned garments are returned by 3pm on our next visit. e.g. If you leave your ibag before 9:30am on Friday, it will be returned by 3pm on Monday, etc.
  8. Collect your ibag
    • You can identify your ibag by the ibag member number displayed on the top right of the bag.
    • Your ibag is always returned with an itemised invoice enclosed in the front pocket (your credit card will have already been billed).
    • Completed ibag orders will have a completed tag hanging from the coat hanger. We encourage you to return these completed tags by placing them in the plastic pocket so they may be reused.

Handy Hint
Hang your empty ibag in your wardrobe at home (just leave an empty coathanger in the bag). When you next have garments for cleaning, simply put them in your ibag and drop your bag off at the collection point - we'll do the rest.

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